proud mama [ a post about a potty ]

i can’t believe how Joy is just growing up and changing everyday. today was a big day of first for her. this morning she slept much later than she usually does. when she woke up, she peed and pooped in her potty. we have been putting her on the potty for about a month and a half to two months now. so she’s pooped in it a few times and peed in it plenty. i must admit, we weren’t doing it regularly, however. well, a few days ago, i started putting her on the potty when she first woke up in the morning. she usually pees but today she peed AND pooped. i was sooooo excited! we’ve been working on elimination communication and we’re getting good at nonverbally communicating with each other about her elimination needs. i’ve gotten to the point where i can almost always understand when she has to poop. i’m still working on figuring out her cues for when she has to pee so i just put her on the potty at times when most babies have to pee [ like right after a nap ]. i also put her on after she eats or if she hasn’t been on there in awhile. today was the best day so far (in terms of her potty progress) because i only had to change two wet diapers (as opposed to … idk … a million) … every other time she peed [ and both times she pooped ], it was in the potty. that’s a HUGE milestone for us. the coolest thing about all this potty stuff is that she’s really starting to understand it. if i put her on the potty and she doesn’t need to use it, she ‘hops’ right off [ her legs are too short to touch the ground so it’s more like she falls off but we’ll keep that to ourselves ]. if she does need to use it, she’ll stay on until she’s done, then she ‘hops’ [read:falls] off. today was the first time she had to pee AND poop so she peed and stayed on and waited a minute or two and then pooped and then waited and then pooped more [ is that too much info to share online? lol ]. then she was ready to ‘hop’ [ fall ] off. so it was pretty cool.

[ sidenote : we’ve been having a hard time working with Joy’s sleeping. she just doesn’t get it. we always have to put her to sleep and she wakes up a lot and has to be put back to sleep. she’s learned to put herself back to sleep (sometimes) now so … we’re making progress. ]

the other cool thing that happened today was Joy saying a new word. so far the only words she’s said clearly are ‘mama’ and ‘daddy’ but today she said ‘uh oh.’ can you imagine how cute it is for a little chocolate drop with a curly fro to say ‘uh oh’? well, it was even cuter than that!

[ another sidenote (completely random information that i’m only putting on here for recording purposes) : Joy likes pears . i don’t . that’s the first things she’s eaten that she likes and i don’t . ]

so i’m on cloud nine today … well maybe 10 or 11 or something like that. Joy’s pretty much the coolest kid ever.


anyway, ciao 🙂


8 months!

it’s hard to believe that my sweet little baby girl is 8 months [since 9.9.2011] already. time is zooming by. these 8 months have been amazing to say the least. she’s a big ball of laughter. she’s the silliest, happiest baby i’ve ever known. her eyes are always questioning. she’s interested in EVERYTHING like her mom but simple like her dad. she always wants what isn’t hers but will sit with objects for long periods of time examining them… understanding them. her little legs are strong enough to stand but she’s waiting for the rest of her body to get the memo. she can’t quite balance on her own but she can pull herself up on her crib and stand assisted. she smiles with her tongue peaking out now. but when she’s really excited, she lets out the cutest, sweetest, purest laugh i’ve ever heard.

i see the world through her eyes now. everyday is a new adventure with her, every moment is picture perfect.

her spirit is my favorite part of her. it’s so free… so pure. i’m enjoying watching her grow and growing with her. she’s taught me so much about life, priorities and happiness. her complex simplicities are mind-blowing and simultaneously completely relatable at times. i often wonder what she’s thinking but our connection helps me understand. i love being her mommy… 🙂


road trippin’

Joy took her first road trips last month. we went to St. Paul, Minnesota to visit family & Palm Beach Shores, Florida to visit the BEACH! we also stopped in Marietta, Georgia on the way to and from Florida.

we stayed in Minnesota for a few days. this was her first time meeting her family that lives there. she also went to the zoo [como zoo] for the first time while she was there. she seemed to enjoy her stay.

we didn’t stay long either time in Georgia but at least she can say she’s been there 🙂

[although we only stopped at gas stations, technically she’s also been to Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee]

in Florida, she experienced her first time in a pool AND an ocean. we actually went to the beach first. she didn’t like it at all. the waves were so strong; the sound of them crashing against the shore scared her. she actually cried a little so we left the beach and went swimming in the pool. she enjoyed that a lot more. she seemed right at home in the water. she kicked her legs and even walked a little in the kiddie pool [with the assistance of her daddy for balance]. we tried the bigger pool but by then she was exhausted and just wanted to nap. so the next day we tried playing in the water again. we went to the beach and she loved it. she had fun splashing in the water and watching jellyfish swim by. we took her further in the water [past the shore] so the waves wouldn’t scare her so much. we stayed in the water a long time and even went to the pool afterward. we went swimming a few more times while we were there. she LOVED the water!!! she splashed around and kicked her little feet the entire time she was in it. she may learn to swim before she can walk! lol. another first happened for her while she was in Florida that wasn’t so great; she got an eye infection. [i’m pretty sure it was my fault because i got a cold right before she got her eye infection but that’s our little secret]. we took her to urgent care and got some eye drops. thankfully, that didn’t happened until our last day in Florida so we were still able to enjoy the trip.

overall, her first road trip was a success. she didn’t fuss too much [only when she was hungry & at night when she got tired of being in her car seat]. she loved looking out the window at everything we were passing, especially the beautiful scenery in kentucky and tennessee.

we didn’t take many pictures [we mostly recorded video] but here’s a family shot of us looking crazy on our last day in Florida:


7 months!

Joy turned 7 months on august 9th. she can’t quite crawl yet but she can army crawl & roll. she’s all over the place now! every time i look away, she’s in a completely different spot. she has no problem getting to where ever she wants to go…


more food…

we’re trying baby-led weaning now (which basically means we’re going to try giving Joy food and letting her feed herself and decide what she likes, as apposed to giving her purees).

Antwuan was eating a peach & Joy seemed interested so he let her taste it. She seemed to enjoy it. Of course, she couldn’t bite it since she doesn’t have teeth but she enjoyed sucking the juice out of it.


We also tried broccoli … not such pleasant results.

i think she was suspicious of it:

or maybe she just wasn’t enjoying the taste… or texture… or smell. i don’t know. we’ll try again later.

Detroit Tigers!

we took Joy to her first Tigers game on the 1st. she enjoyed it. the heat had her a little lethargic at first. then she took a nap. then she was all smiles. she wasn’t paying much attention to the game but she loves being outdoors. so we all had a good day.

it’s been so long…

[my life has been almost completely consumed with photography. now that things have slowed down with that, i can get back to what’s really important]

so, we gave Joy zucchini and applesauce a few weeks ago (on separate occasions)… or maybe it was last week. i can’t remember. anyway, she didn’t seem to enjoy either of them. she was completely disgusted by the zucchini. the applesauce, on the other hand, may have a chance. she seemed intrigued by it. she ate more of it than she usually does with food she doesn’t like and seemed skeptical of it. so i’m going to try again with a new batch and puree it longer. maybe it was too thick for her.

here are a few pics of her questioning the coolness of her applesauce:




this is how she feels about zucchini:


[that’s her ‘this is disqusting, i’m spitting it out’ face]