the fine print [in big letters]

[i feel the need to post a disclaimer before i get started so here it is: i am no writer by any definition. therefore, there will definitely be spelling and grammatical errors floating ALL through this blog. i babble a lot. i like to use brackets like this [ … ]. also, i don’t like capital letters.]

ok, back to the post…

well i guess i should introduce myself…

i’m a stay-at-home mommy to a 4 month old [born jan.9.2011] bundle of girly sweetness we affectionately named Joy EmmaLee. i’m married to the most [insert awesomest, most magnificently wonderful word you can think of here] man in the world.

if i knew for sure what this blog was going to consist of, i would also explain that but i don’t. my life for the past 4 months has been defined by the continuous tests my daughter has consistently put me through, as she decides if i’m a worthy parent. she’s so lovely [& complex] and has made my simple, mundane life of work & love into an adventure. she, of course, has become the main character of my existence now. so this blog will probably mostly include post about or somehow related to her and her magnificently, ever-transforming life.

although, on occasion, i may find time to actually discuss subjects that i am somewhat interested in, fascinated by or am madly in love with that don’t have an obviously clear connection back to my daughter [or children, in general].

my reason for creating this blog and unleashing so much of my personal information into the [virtual] universe is more so a form of documentation than anything else. however, since there is [hopefully] a possibility of someone stumbling across my blog and maybe even attempting to communicate with me, i feel the need to write as if i have an audience.

ok, i can’t think of anything else to say.



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