late update | Christmas and birthdays

well hello. it’s been a very eventful few months for us. life in the our house has been SO busy. First we celebrated Antwuan’s birthday (december 21st), then Christmas, then Joy’s birthday (january 9th), then mine (january 13th). whew, i’m tired just thinking about all of that. although i enjoyed it, i’m happy to have […]

it’s been so long…

[my life has been almost completely consumed with photography. now that things have slowed down with that, i can get back to what’s really important] so, we gave Joy zucchini and applesauce a few weeks ago (on separate occasions)… or maybe it was last week. i can’t remember. anyway, she didn’t seem to enjoy either […]


i find myself having to be more deliberate in my praises lately. i guess all the exhaustion is making it much easier to focus on the not-so-wonderful aspects of my life… but i never want to be ungrateful of the blessings. so, although it may not come as naturally and as easily lately as it […]