when my baby girl falls asleep on my chest after a long, rough day, i remember that this is my version of perfect. i’m reminded to slow down, to breathe slow breaths, to quiet my mind, to enjoy this moment. i’m in no rush to move, enjoying the memories of when she was a part […]

simple fun

we had play date at the park today – Joy was all smiles 🙂 although there was a ton of equipment for her to play on, she was happiest playing in the wood chips and dirt ya gotta love the simplicity of children  

prop 37

regarding proposition 37 — i’m surprised. i guess i had hopes that the american people were smarter. we are so ignorant as a nation that we allow corporation to force feed us information that is not only incorrect but logically makes absolutely no sense. i will continue to buy organic and try to educate others […]

[ smile ]

this kid LOOOOOOVES Gymboree! so while i followed Joy around Gymboree, i couldn’t help but notice how much she’s grown (physically & mentally) since i first began taking her there at about 6 months old. i can’t believe she grew inside of me from a tiny egg into a functioning being and is now walking […]

late update | Christmas and birthdays

well hello. it’s been a very eventful few months for us. life in the our house has been SO busy. First we celebrated Antwuan’s birthday (december 21st), then Christmas, then Joy’s birthday (january 9th), then mine (january 13th). whew, i’m tired just thinking about all of that. although i enjoyed it, i’m happy to have […]

[ pre ] walking

JOY TOOK FOUR STEPS !!! she just stood up and started moving … she crawled over to me, put her hands on my leg, straightened her legs, then straightened the rest of her body to stand. her widespread legs wobbled, her eyes focused and her teeny tiny little feet carefully planted themselves down on the […]

guess it’s time to buy a baby gate :D

AAAAHHHHHHHHH! Joy just climbed up all the stairs! Joy hasn’t shown much interest in climbing at all. she just recently began climbing over toys or anything in her way but it’s not an often sight. she’s NEVER tried to climb the stairs … not even one. she’s shown some interest in them but she would […]