when my baby girl falls asleep on my chest after a long, rough day, i remember that this is my version of perfect. i’m reminded to slow down, to breathe slow breaths, to quiet my mind, to enjoy this moment. i’m in no rush to move, enjoying the memories of when she was a part of me, the sound of her breathing forcing me to acknowledge that she is now her own entity. tears rush as i understand the definition of grace. God’s grace brought love together to create miracles, two perfect beings gifted to us, to this world. when i look into their eyes, i see my past, i see my present, i see my future. my whole world rests in their souls. i have found my purpose for being. i was created to nurture these beauties, to love them, to mother them. i am but a vessel, a channel, a conduit through whom God’s blessings and mercy and teaching and love can travel through to mold these girls into women, into heros or conquerors or mothers or artists … and into blessings. i am forever thankful, forever grateful for such blessings… to be able to look down and call them my daughters, to look up, hold my head high, be proud, yet humbly acknowledge them as my teachers. there are no words, not even love, to describe my feelings for them. my heart overflows with gratitude for their existence, for their health, for their love. i am in awe of their magic, their power to change me, to turn me into a mother. somehow this aspect of myself has manifested solely because of their existence. i sure do love my girls, more than i can explain…


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