prop 37

regarding proposition 37 — i’m surprised. i guess i had hopes that the american people were smarter. we are so ignorant as a nation that we allow corporation to force feed us information that is not only incorrect but logically makes absolutely no sense. i will continue to buy organic and try to educate others on the dangers of GMOs. i can only hope that one day we will take back control over our own minds and make an effort to do our own research regarding the most basic fundamental right of every person in the world — the right to healthy, affordable food. not only is it unjust, but it is inhumane to force a society to accept GMOs without even the option of knowing what they are and that they are in our food. more than anything else during this political season, i followed the path of prop 37. there were so many companies that worked tirelessly and threw abundant amounts of funds to silence this proposal. please, do your research. if we continue to blindly support these companies, we are sending them a message that we do not have a desire to control our foods. we are telling them that we are mindless drones who are willing to be controlled by whoever has the most money. fight back. stop supporting these companies and teach them that we are american, we are educated and we care about the health and well being of ourselves and our families. it is time for a serious change in our food system. the failling of proposition 37 was simply a wake up call that corporations are still in control. however, we are the majority. we have to come together and let our voices be heard. we don’t have the opportunity yet to vote on this issues on a ballot but we can vote with our words and our paychecks. contact your government. let them know that we deserve better and refuse to accept continued bullying and the continuous effort to pull wool over our eyes regarding our food system. we want clarity so that we can make our own informed decisions. speak with your money. you cast a vote about food everytime you shop at the grocery store and eat from restaurants. please care about your body. it is the only one you have. it is a blessing that it is functioning at the level that it is. don’t disrespect it by treating it like a trash can. what you put into your body is one of the few elements you have complete control over. it is an individual effort. wake up! lets show that we care about ourselves, we are not ignorant and we will not accept less that superb food.


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