[ smile ]


this kid LOOOOOOVES Gymboree!

so while i followed Joy around Gymboree, i couldn’t help but notice how much she’s grown (physically & mentally) since i first began taking her there at about 6 months old. i can’t believe she grew inside of me from a tiny egg into a functioning being and is now walking and talking and stomping and climbing and jumping and pushing and pulling and clapping and carrying and throwing and laughing and … SMILING. what’s more amazing than a smile? i can’t explain exactly how miraculous this whole journey has been for us but when she smiles i can’t help but to reciprocate her smile … just as large and as genuine. i read somewhere once that babies and mommies can set their heartbeats to match by smiling at each other. i’ve never done an extensive experiment to test that theory but it seems pretty accurate 🙂


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