late update | Christmas and birthdays

well hello. it’s been a very eventful few months for us. life in the our house has been SO busy. First we celebrated Antwuan’s birthday (december 21st), then Christmas, then Joy’s birthday (january 9th), then mine (january 13th). whew, i’m tired just thinking about all of that. although i enjoyed it, i’m happy to have almost a year to take a break before we do it all over again.

for Joy’s first Christmas, we decided to have Christmas breakfast at our house. we felt that it was important to celebrate her first Christmas at home with people who are very important in her life. we basically just ate, talked and watched Joy open her presents. watching her open presents was funny. she was timid about ripping the paper at first. i’m guessing she just didn’t understand what to do. after i showed her how to tear it, it seemed like all of a sudden she remembered that the paper did something to make her angry. she tore the paper apart like a madwoman. it was such a funny sight. she’s so small but she has a surprising amount of power in her tiny arms. she got sidetracked a few times (the paper somehow became a new toy) but i tried to keep her focused. if i would have let her play with every piece of wrapping paper she wanted to play with, we would have literally been there all day waiting for her to open her presents.

we decided not to buy her anything for Christmas. we don’t want to teach her that Christmas is all about getting presents and we don’t won’t to clutter her life [or our houses] with a bunch of stuff that we bought just because it was Christmas. she got way too many presents anyway. some of them are still not out of the packaging. our family went a little overboard with the gifts. lol. seriously, we had to re-arrange our furniture to fit all of her toys in the living room.

in an effort to do things a little differently, i made Joy’s Christmas outfit rather than buying a big fancy dress. she was a snowgirl.




for Joy’s birthday, we had a little party at our house. again, she got way too many presents. we still didn’t buy her anything but i did make her a doll. every little girl should have a handmade doll, right? i think so. anyway, she got her first taste of sugar at her party. we bought her a vegan cupcake and she enjoyed it. she mingled with everyone [which is just beginning to become the norm for her. until a month or two ago she was VERY anti-social]. she only had one small meltdown. the party lasted a little longer than she wanted it too; she really needed a nap. i put her in the ring sling and she was fine. she passed out after everyone left though.



she’s grown so much in just one year. she’s such a sweet and happy baby. she just laughs all day long. she has little laugh attacks when she’s sleepy. she loves to give hugs and kisses. she even hugs and kisses her toys. she shakes her head to say no. she tries to comb & brush her hair. she has 2 teeth now, right in the middle of the bottom of her little mouth. she’s about 18 lbs. she chews when she sees food, loves water and is very attached to her mommy and daddy. she hates getting hair washed but loves baths. she likes to play with other kids but is perfectly content with playing alone … sometimes she prefers to play alone. she loves to dance; she’ll dance to anything remotely similar to music [even if she just hears someone humming]. she grunts a lot and squeals with she’s excited. she’s just a little ball of fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “late update | Christmas and birthdays

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Can I give Joy a virtual pinch on the cheek and hug like the weird aunt everyone has? Seriously, the cuteness has GOT to stop.

    We didn’t buy Christmas presents for Ruth either and spent valentines day rearranging OUR living room furniture too due to others’ gifts. I mean it’s like ‘hello, people she’s not even six months old. Does she REALlLY need binoculars and walkie-talkies? How funny.

    • LOL . yes, i don’t understand why people like to buy kids so much stuff. honestly, my daughter would be perfectly content playing with pots and pans or sticks or something but don’t tell her grandparents that. lol

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