guess it’s time to buy a baby gate :D

AAAAHHHHHHHHH! Joy just climbed up all the stairs!

Joy hasn’t shown much interest in climbing at all. she just recently began climbing over toys or anything in her way but it’s not an often sight. she’s NEVER tried to climb the stairs … not even one. she’s shown some interest in them but she would just look, never climb. well, she decided today was the day to venture upstairs. she was playing in front of the stairs. she stood up holding on to the first step, took a glance at it and just climbed right up like she had years of experience climbing stairs. i was overwhelmed when i saw her climb the first one but i had no idea she would climb all the way to the top. after she climbed the first one, i got behind her to make sure she didn’t fall. she looked back at me, smiled and climbed up one more, then another, and another. she looked back after every 2 or 3 stairs and smiled; she just kept climbing until she reached the top. she just scaled those stairs like she was an expert at it. i was so proud and excited.

we’ve let her be in complete control of her development. we haven’t tried to pressure or even encourage her to take any steps she wasn’t ready to take. it’s so cool just letting her mature and develop at her own pace and realizing how everything comes into place. she’s gradually developing more and more control of her body and understanding what’s going on in the world.

well anyway, we’re going to listen to music and dance and celebrate her coolness [ like we do everyday ] 🙂

by the way, she’s got two little teeth. i don’t understand it but somehow those two, inch high little pearly whites make her even cuter. who knew she could possibly get cuter??? she just amazes me with her awesomeness everyday and it doesn’t hurt that she’s the cutest little lovely i’ve ever known.

oh AND she’ll be a whole year young in less than a month. how crazy is that?


2 thoughts on “guess it’s time to buy a baby gate :D

  1. Hello Juana — How adorable Joy is! I remember when we had to get babygates — it was just amazing watching them teeter hilariously and determinedly on those stairs until they got it. Thanks for following me. I look forward to following your posts too.

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