road trippin’

Joy took her first road trips last month. we went to St. Paul, Minnesota to visit family & Palm Beach Shores, Florida to visit the BEACH! we also stopped in Marietta, Georgia on the way to and from Florida.

we stayed in Minnesota for a few days. this was her first time meeting her family that lives there. she also went to the zoo [como zoo] for the first time while she was there. she seemed to enjoy her stay.

we didn’t stay long either time in Georgia but at least she can say she’s been there 🙂

[although we only stopped at gas stations, technically she’s also been to Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee]

in Florida, she experienced her first time in a pool AND an ocean. we actually went to the beach first. she didn’t like it at all. the waves were so strong; the sound of them crashing against the shore scared her. she actually cried a little so we left the beach and went swimming in the pool. she enjoyed that a lot more. she seemed right at home in the water. she kicked her legs and even walked a little in the kiddie pool [with the assistance of her daddy for balance]. we tried the bigger pool but by then she was exhausted and just wanted to nap. so the next day we tried playing in the water again. we went to the beach and she loved it. she had fun splashing in the water and watching jellyfish swim by. we took her further in the water [past the shore] so the waves wouldn’t scare her so much. we stayed in the water a long time and even went to the pool afterward. we went swimming a few more times while we were there. she LOVED the water!!! she splashed around and kicked her little feet the entire time she was in it. she may learn to swim before she can walk! lol. another first happened for her while she was in Florida that wasn’t so great; she got an eye infection. [i’m pretty sure it was my fault because i got a cold right before she got her eye infection but that’s our little secret]. we took her to urgent care and got some eye drops. thankfully, that didn’t happened until our last day in Florida so we were still able to enjoy the trip.

overall, her first road trip was a success. she didn’t fuss too much [only when she was hungry & at night when she got tired of being in her car seat]. she loved looking out the window at everything we were passing, especially the beautiful scenery in kentucky and tennessee.

we didn’t take many pictures [we mostly recorded video] but here’s a family shot of us looking crazy on our last day in Florida:


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