8 months!

it’s hard to believe that my sweet little baby girl is 8 months [since 9.9.2011] already. time is zooming by. these 8 months have been amazing to say the least. she’s a big ball of laughter. she’s the silliest, happiest baby i’ve ever known. her eyes are always questioning. she’s interested in EVERYTHING like her mom but simple like her dad. she always wants what isn’t hers but will sit with objects for long periods of time examining them… understanding them. her little legs are strong enough to stand but she’s waiting for the rest of her body to get the memo. she can’t quite balance on her own but she can pull herself up on her crib and stand assisted. she smiles with her tongue peaking out now. but when she’s really excited, she lets out the cutest, sweetest, purest laugh i’ve ever heard.

i see the world through her eyes now. everyday is a new adventure with her, every moment is picture perfect.

her spirit is my favorite part of her. it’s so free… so pure. i’m enjoying watching her grow and growing with her. she’s taught me so much about life, priorities and happiness. her complex simplicities are mind-blowing and simultaneously completely relatable at times. i often wonder what she’s thinking but our connection helps me understand. i love being her mommy… 🙂


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