it’s been so long…

[my life has been almost completely consumed with photography. now that things have slowed down with that, i can get back to what’s really important]

so, we gave Joy zucchini and applesauce a few weeks ago (on separate occasions)… or maybe it was last week. i can’t remember. anyway, she didn’t seem to enjoy either of them. she was completely disgusted by the zucchini. the applesauce, on the other hand, may have a chance. she seemed intrigued by it. she ate more of it than she usually does with food she doesn’t like and seemed skeptical of it. so i’m going to try again with a new batch and puree it longer. maybe it was too thick for her.

here are a few pics of her questioning the coolness of her applesauce:




this is how she feels about zucchini:


[that’s her ‘this is disqusting, i’m spitting it out’ face]

2 thoughts on “it’s been so long…

  1. that’s my grand baby. I don’t like zucchini either. I could have told you she wouldn’t like it. try sweet peas!

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