Sweet Potatoes

Today Joy tried sweet potatoes. After the first spoonful, she made a confused face. We laughed and gave her a little more anyway. She seemed to enjoy it but after a few more spoonfuls, she changed her mind. She started making faces and spitting it back out. First, we thought she just didn’t want anymore. Since we weren’t sure, we waited a few minutes, then tried to give her more. She continued to make faces and spit it out. She would even make faces when we brought the spoon near her. Maybe she didn’t like the smell or texture. I don’t know. But we didn’t want to force her. So we gave up trying to get her to eat it but she started acting strange. It seemed like it was irritating her or she wasn’t digesting it correctly. She started to get upset and even cry. So we gave her some water to help her digest the sweet potatoes. [This was also her first time having water so we didn’t know how she would react to it.] It seemed to work. She loved the water (just like her mommy & daddy) and now she’s napping.

Here are a few pics of her and her sweet potato just for fun…





of course she tried to hold the bottle


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